Meet the Staff at Flip Flop Gymnastics

With 25 plus years of combined coaching experience, the staff at Flip Flop Gymnastics works hard to make sure Flip Flop is a place where kids can have fun while developing all the skills they need to be successful in gymnastics. All of our coaches are H.O.T. Certified (Hands On Training), a designation sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. Flip Flop takes our kids’ safety seriously, so our entire staff has passed all the appropriate background checks as well. You can read more about our coaches below.

Meet Our Coaches

Misty Hays
Misty HaysOwner | Head Coach
Safety Certified | HOT* Certified | KAT* Certified
17 years experience in coaching
Competitive Gymnast through Level 5
Competitive Gymnastics Coach through Level 6
All-Star Cheerleader 1998-1999
National Champion Cheerleader, Delta State University
Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) 1999-2006
Spirit Event Coordinator (Cheer Judge), 2005-present
Amanda Robinson
Amanda RobinsonAssistant Coach
HOT* certified
Amanda has eight years of gymnastics teaching experience. She is HOT Certified and coaches competitive gymnastics levels 1-3.
H.O.T. Certified
H.O.T. CertifiedWhat's that mean?
What exactly is “HOT Certified” and “KAT Certified”? Why does is it matter?
HOT is “Hands on Training” and is a designation sanctioned by USA Gymnastics. KAT is “Kinder Accreditation Teacher” certification, geared specifically for working with beginning gymnasts and younger students.